Save No.

Agent Kent Alexander

US Drug Enforcement Admin Phoenix Phoenix AZ Saves Club

This incident took place at the airport in Apatzingan Michoacan. Agent Alexander and several Mexican CENDRO agents were passing the airstrip, Alexander noticed a plane with ID numbers matching numbers on a plane raided in Campus, Senora a year previous. The agents stopped and Alexander’s K9 made a positive alert for the presence of narcotics. The plane’s door was forced open and 500 kilos of Cocaine were discovered. The agents noticed a small van speeding off the field and took up chase. When the truck finally stopped, both driver and passenger exited the vehicle. Thinking the situation was under control, Alexander was exiting his car when the van’s back door flew open and two sub guns opened fire at the agent. Approximately 80 rounds were fired at Alexander with only six striking the agent, three in his right leg and three in his Second Chance ®covered chest. The weapons were an AK47 and a miniMac. The AK rounds went through his unit’s door he had just opened, striking him in his Command Jac.

We welcome Agent Kent Alexander, SAVE #600, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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