Save No.

Officer Darrin Greeley

Boston Police Department Boston MA Saves Club

Officer Greeley and his partner were working plain clothes on an Anti-Crime task force. They observed several reputed gang members taking part in some suspicious activity. As they approached the gang, the members split up with Greeley, unknowingly selecting the one with a sawed off shotgun under his winter coat. As the gun came up firing, Greeley sidestepped the blast aimed at his head. Greeley returned fire and the firefight began. After trading shots around the police unit, Greeley was struck again, in the arm with pellets glancing off his concealed Second Chance® armor. Greeley’s partner returned fire also, both officers hitting the assailant. The shooter succumbed to his wounds in ER.

We welcome Officer Darrin Greeley, SAVE #625, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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