Save No.

Officer Miklich

Pennsylvania State Police Harrisburg PA Saves Club

Officer Miklich took off after a suspect who had run a radar check on one of the highways outside Bethlehem PA. During the pursuit, the felon exited the highway and was cornered on a dead-end road. He exited his car and began to flee on foot, with Miklich still in pursuit, also on foot. Without any explanation, the suspect whirled and shot Miklich, hitting him twice, once in the left shoulder and another in the right chest area. Miklich returned fire fatally striking his assailant. Miklich was taken to the hospital where the bullet was removed from his shoulder. The send bullet, striking his right chest, bounced harmlessly off the Second Chance® vest the trooper was wearing.

We welcome Officer Robert Miklich, SAVE #63, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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