Save No.

Officer Jeffery Clark

Lafayette Police Department Lafayette IN Saves Club

Officer Clark was on early morning patrol when he heard shots and squealing tires. When he arrived on the scene he noticed a lone car in a parking lot and a pick-up truck leaving the area. As he approached the parked vehicle, he noticed a male subject standing at the side of the car. As Clark approached the car, the subject came around the car firing a handgun at Clark. One of three shots fired struck him in the upper right chest area. Clark returned fire but the subject continued to advance. Both men circled the cars shooting at each other. Clark’s back-up arrived and advised the subject to drop his weapon and when he didn’t, shot him in the arm. The subject fell into a sitting position still holding his gun so a second shot hit the subject, releasing his weapon. Clark discovered a .22 slug embedded in his Second Chance® Comfort Lite II Vest. The subject had four shots embedded in his body, two from each officer, but survived the encounter.

We welcome Officer Jeffery Clark, SAVE #672, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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