Save No.

Officer Kirk Pryor

Garland Police Department Garland TX Saves Club

At approximately 0118 hours, Officer Pryor was dispatched to a robbery alarm at a convenience store. As Pryor approached the store he observed a suspicious subject driving away from the location. Pryor followed the subject and initiated a traffic stop to investigate the driver. Once stopped, the driver opened his door as Pryor stood behind his own door. The driver then raised a .357 magnum firing five shots at Pryor. The officer was shot through the elbow, thigh, and grazed across his chin. The first round struck him in the center of his chest protected by his two-year old Second Chance® IIA armor. The round that struck Pryor’s vest nicked the top of his K30 plate and lodged in the fabric behind the plate. Pryor returned fire as the subject got back into his vehicle and fled. Backup officers gave chase and apprehended the suspect a few miles from the scene. Pryor got a week’s stay in a local hospital while his assailant got 35-years in the Texas DOC.

We welcome Officer Kirk Pryor, SAVE #725, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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