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Security Guard Chris Pickard

Diamondback Security Co Tucson AZ Saves Club

Pickard, a security guard, was patrolling the exterior and parking lot of an apartment complex when he saw a subject loitering near one of the parked cars. On questioning, the subject was escorted off the premises. Later that same morning the subject was again seen at the same car. Pickard got out of his unit and approached the subject. The subject raised his hand and fired at Pickard striking him just over the heart. The .22 slug knocked him down but he was able to draw and fire his weapon at the fleeing felon as the shooter made good his escape. Pickard was wearing a Second Chance® SFLII concealable armor with a serial number making its age over 10 years old. He borrowed the vest from the Security agency just before going on his assignment. Seven other security officers from the same company went out the next day and purchased their own Second Chance® armor.

We welcome Security Guard Chris Pickard, SAVE #783, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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