Save No.

Officer Kerry Massie

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Oklahoma City OK Saves Club

Massie made a traffic stop. After having no response to have the driver exit his vehicle. Massie stepped to the rear of the pick-up commanding the driver to exit his truck. Now standing to the rear of the driver’s door. Massie knocked on the window and repeated his command. The driver, in one fluid motion exited the driver’s door and fired two quick .45 rounds at Massie. Massie’s Monarch IIA armor caught the first round dead center in his vest, bending his metal plate. The second round struck his left wrist. Massie retreated to the rear of the vehicle, drew his weapon, firing four shots, striking his attacker in the chest and stomach. The subject got back into his truck and took off later to be found at the side of the road dead from a self-inflicted wound.

We welcome Officer Kerry Massie, SAVE #798, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®

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