Save No.

Officer John Lee Lewis

Tarrant County Hospital District Police Department Saves Club

Officer John Lee Lewis was the passenger in his patrol car traveling in inclement weather when they were rear-ended by a driver traveling too fast for the conditions. The crash spun them sideways as they began to cross a bridge and forced their vehicle into the oncoming lanes of traffic. A Penske moving truck traveling at 50 MPH collided with the passenger side of their patrol vehicle. Officer Lewis and his partner had to be cut from the vehicle. Officer Lewis suffered severe head injuries and bruising, and the collision was so severe that his service weapon was bent and left a clear outline on his back, his head broke out the passenger window and his glasses were found in the grill of the Penske Truck. His Second Chance armor protected his torso, even protecting an 8” area that was cut but not penetrated on his right pectoral from being severely wounded by his crushed door and the front of the truck. He was able to radio for assistance, which he did carefully, as his wife had just come on duty, and he didn’t want to alarm her.

We welcome Officer John L. Lewis, SAVE #802, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®

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