Save No.

Officer John Garza

Bakersfield Police Department Bakersfield CA Saves Club

Officer Garza told his partner to pull over to the curb, facing southbound, and wait for a suspected vehicle being pursued northbound to see them. Garza’s car had its headlights flashing. Garza was in the front passenger seat when the pursued vehicle them parked with flashing lights and crossed traffic lanes to purposefully hit them head on. Impact speed was 55mph. Garza’s Second Chance® SMF IIA armor received the impact with his T15 plate bending on impact. The engine compartment became engulfed in flame. Garza was able to exit out his door while his partner slid across the seat to exit the same door. The driver to the other vehicle was arrested for attempted murder with an automobile.

We welcome Officer John Garza, SAVE #830, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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