Save No.

Sergeant Stephen Ellison

Campbell County Police Department Alexandria KY Saves Club

Sgt. Ellison was on street patrol when he spotted a truck that allegedly was being driven by a bank robber. Ellison called for back up, but before they arrived, the car pulled over and the driver got out and opened fire toward Ellison with a 12 ga. shotgun. Ellison backed up his vehicle and pulled out his gun. The gunman then pulled out in his car and stopped about 50 feet from where Ellison was and opened fire on him. Sgt. Ellison was hit in the head, stomach and legs. By then Ellison’s back up had arrived and the gunman ended the ordeal by killing himself. According to the Campbell County Police Chief, Lt. William L. Armstrong, Ellison’s Second Chance® armor played a key role in saving his life.

We welcome Sergeant Stephen Ellison, SAVE #850, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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