Save No.

Officer William Moss

San Manual Department of Public Safety Highland CA Saves Club

William Moss was working as a uniformed security officer at a Holiday Inn. While breaking up a fight in the lounge, Mr. Moss was attacked by one of the brawlers after he sprayed them with pepper spray. The brawlers then turned on Moss and he was hit and kicked several times in the head. Moss’s gun was overtaken and used against him, hitting him in the front of his Second Chance® Body Armor approximately _” from the top. He was taken to the hospital and released. Moss stated that the night of the shooting he had almost opted not to wear his vest because it was a Sunday and Sunday’s were usually pretty uneventful. Then he remembered something a deputy had mentioned about how “it’s the night you don’t wear it that you will need it the most.” Moss was very thankful that he changed his mind that night and opted to wear his Second Chance® armor.

We welcome Officer William Moss, SAVE #852, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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