Save No.

Officer Brenden Allis

Waterbury Police Department Waterbury CT Saves Club

While escorting a funeral procession on a motorcycle, he recorded his second official save. Officer Allis had just cleared the rear of the procession and was passing vehicles on the left as he motored to the front. Suddenly a vehicle pulled out of a driveway on the right, slipped between two of the cars in the procession, and hit him broadside. Though his cycle was literally knocked out from under him and the officer received significant injuries to his legs, back and shoulder, his physician reported minimal trauma to the torso. Fortunately, Allis was wearing a Second Chance® Monarch II vest, which ironically was given him by the company following his stabbing “save” in 1998.

We welcome Officer Brenden Allis, SAVE #861, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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