Save No.

Deputy Patrick Roshetko

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department Phoenix AZ Saves Club

Deputy Roshetko lost control of his vehicle after he hit a large puddle of standing water at a high rate of speed. His cruiser immediately hydroplaned causing Roshetko to lose control. He subsequently ran off the road and collided with a small tree, then struck a wall. Roshetko was thrown toward the center of his vehicle and shoved into an interior shotgun rack. The collision caused the rack to tear Roshetko’s shirt and vest – but it did not penetrate the vest and consequently saved him from a serious piercing injury.Roshetko’s supervising officer stated “I have absolutely no doubt that the Second Chance® Body Armor saved Deputy Roshetko from a severe back or kidney injury.

We welcome Deputy Patrick Roshetko, SAVE #887, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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