Save No.

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Fisher

US ARMY Baghdad Saves Club

Lt. colonel Fisher was defending the Al-Rasheed Hotel in Baghdad when a rocket attack occurred. The hotel is located in an area tightly controlled by the US military. The blast from two of the rockets blew the front of Fisher’s room off and showered him with shrapnel. It threw him to the floor and several large pieces of shrapnel struck his vest. During the ongoing barrage of rockets, Lt. Colonal Fisher had to crawl into some pretty tight spots to search for wounded. His Second Chance® armor again protected him from all the debris and rubble.In fact, due to the fact that his Second Chance® Vest protected him initially, he was able to save the life of another officer that had been buried by debris.

We welcome Lieutenant Colonel Charles Fisher, SAVE #921, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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