Save No.

Officer Andy Gallon

Kent County Tactical Firearms Unit Kent UK Saves Club

While on duty, Officer Gallon and his partner were called in to help on a vehicle that was failing to stop for other officers. After coming over a hill, Officer Gallon realized the vehicle had done an about-face and was heading straight for their patrol car.At a speed of approximately 60 mph, Gallon’s passenger side was struck by the vehicle. The vehicle then crashed into a parked car just beyond the patrol car. Officer Gallon was able to pull himself from the wreck and apprehend the subject before being placed in the ambulance for his injuries.Gallon sustained no injuries due to his body armor. He credits his body armor for the ability to vacate the vehicle and finish the pursuit of the subject.

We welcome Officer Andy Gallon, SAVE #923, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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