Save No.

Trooper Chris Cutrone

Colorado State Patrol District 5 Durango CO Saves Club

Trooper Cutrone was out patrolling with his k-9 partner, tucker. He stopped a car on Hwy 160/666 for following too close. The stop took place in front of a casino. As utrone was approaching the vehicle, the driver shot out the driver’s window as Cutrone passed the back driver’s door, Cutrone was hit square dead center on his chest just below the top of the vest. The shooter shot 3 times. The first shot hit his chest, the 2nd shot hit his right wrist and went into the lower portion of his vest and another one hit his left ring finger and hit his wedding ring and the last round went into the right armpit and went through his chest and exited his right front chest area. Cutrone ran away from the shooter toward the casino to the front entrance where he was able to call for help. The shooter was later aprehended after a self inflicted gunshot wound.

We welcome Trooper Chris Cutrone, SAVE #937, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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