Save No.

Officer Tom Huerbin

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Pittsburgh PA Saves Club

Warrant Suspect Barricaded for 3 hours surrendered weapon, but still had secondary weapon in cargo pocket. When Huerbin and other officers entered suspect pulled the weapon and fired at Officer Huerbin. Huerbin was first to enter the room the suspect was in and took fire immediately. After being shot twice in the chest by two different weapons Huerbin walked away with only bruising thanks to his body armor. Officer Huerbin, a SWAT officer, thought he was bringing a surrendered gunman from a house that was the site of a 3-hour standoff. He was lucky he was wearing his CJAZ tactical carrier with SMF III-A armor, when he was shot 3 times as he tried to take a gunman into custody. Three slugs hit Huerbin’s vest, none penetrated. Officers later found 2,600 bags of heroin and 7 guns at the suspect’s home. Huerbin commented “You’ve got to trust the people with you and your equipment. I knew there was a good member of the team behind me, and I had confidence in my vest.”

We welcome Officer Tom Huerbin, SAVE #945, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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