Save No.

Officer Kelly Walbert

Bethlehem City Police Department Bethlehem PA Saves Club

Officer Walbert was dispatched on a call of a possible distraught male who may behaving psycholigical problems. The suspect was walking down the road yelling at trees and at himself. When Walbert approached the suspect, he did not see the knife concealed in his hand. After the suspect ingored several directives, Walbert approached him to subdue him. He was then attached by the suspect who had concealed a knife with a 3″ blade. The suspect attempted to stab Walbert in the back.Luckily for Officer Walbert, he was wearing his Second Chance® armor. The knife cut his uniform shirt as well as his Second Chance® Carrier, but it did not penetrate his armor. Walbert went back to the police department to fill out his report, then continued with his shift, uninjured.

We welcome Officer Kelly Walbert, SAVE #946, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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