Save No.

Sergeant Randa Hafez

Alpharetta Police Department Alpharetta GA Saves Club

Sergeant Hafez didn’t know what hit her. Literally. While transporting a prisoner at a low rate of speed, her patrol car was rear-ended by a reckless driver traveling more than 90 mph. The impact caused the patrol car to become airborne, thrusting it 142 feet forward into a passenger can and then onto an overpass median wall, where the car perched with it’s front end over a seven-story drop. Rescuers were forced to cut the roof off Sgt. Hafez’s patrol car to free her and the prisoner. Hafez was knocked unconscious by the impact and has no memory of it. Fortunately, she was wearing her Second Chance® body armor during the incident and was treated briefly at a local hospital and released.

We welcome Sergeant Randa Hafez, SAVE #960, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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