Save No.

Officer Curtis Beaupre

Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Tacoma WA Saves Club

Beaupre was in pursuit of a hit and run suspect. Beaupre and other officers pinned the suspects vehicle and Beaupre exited his patrol car. The suspect then rammed the front of Beaupre’s car almost knocking him on the ground. Beaupre ran to the rear of his patrol vehicle for cover and as the suspect’s vehilce passed by traveling in the wrong direction on the freeway, a patrol car accidently hit Beaupre from behind as he was on foot, knocking him directly in front of the suspects car. The suspect’s car ran over Beaupre’s pelis and stomach area with both passanger side tires which had been deflated after a spike strip. AS a result, Beaupre suffered a broken pelvis in three spots. He ended up having to medically retire becuase of injuries. His Second Chance® vest saved him from more serious injuried. Becasue Beaupre was wearing his ballistic vest, he suffered no internal injuries.

We welcome Officer Curtis Beaupre, SAVE #967, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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