Save No.

Officer Jon Wenger

Plum Bouough Police Department WI Saves Club

Flat head screw driver. Officer Jon Wenger of the LaCrosse Police department was responding as back-up to a dispute after another officer pulled over a vehicle and a passenger became hostile. Subject had flat head screwdriver in the palm of his hand attempting to conceal it from both officers. Suspect was ordered to drop the weapon when the subject appeared to have set it down. After the subject refused to comply with orders of Officer Wenger and fellow officer Baldwin, he was arrested and the suspect resisted vigorously. During the resistance the subject reacquired the screwdriver and rushed Wegner. Wegner stuck the subject with TASER, but it had no effect due to heavy coat of suspect. Suspect stabbed Officer Wenger for the second time above the side panel of his Second Chance® vest, causing a puncture wound to Wenger. Suspect then proceeded to stab officer two more times in the chest and above the heart and left lung. Wenger’s vest stopped all of these blows.

We welcome Officer Jon Wenger, SAVE #979, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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