Save No.

Deputy Dalton Elliot

Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department Conway AR Saves Club

Kitchen Knife- On October 4, 2006 Deputy Dalton Elliot arrived at suspects house to serve a commitment order. Suspect was lying in bed with covers over his head. Elliot asked suspect to come with him and speak with the court system. After no cooperation from suspect, he was then advised he would be placed under arrest. Deputy Elliot informed his partner to be aware of situation. As Elliot reached to contain suspects, the suspect leaped from his bed swinging towards Elliot’s face. It was then noticed the suspect had a knife. Dalton Elliot yelled “knife” to his partner. The stabbing continued for approximately 30 seconds. The suspect was shot to the floor by Elliot’s partner. Elliot’s injuries included 9 stab wounds to his body and 15 strikes on his vest. Him and his doctor credit his Second Chance® body armor for saving his life.

We welcome Deputy Dalton Elliot, SAVE #995, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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