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Officer Christopher Gibson – Memphis Police Department Memphis TN

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On July 5, 2017, Officer Christopher Gibson of the Memphis Police Department was called to respond to an illegal activity involving an individual selling his food stamp card. As he was checking for weapons, Officer Gibson discovered a metal pipe in the suspect’s waistband. When he moved to place the suspect in handcuffs, the suspect spun and struck Officer Gibson in the head.

A fight ensued and the suspect made a grab for Officer Gibson’s duty firearm. Thanks to his Safariland® Model 6360 ALS® holster, the suspect was unable to gain control of the weapon.

A bystander intervened and pulled the suspect off Officer Gibson, enabling him to deploy his Taser® weapon, firing at the suspect.  The suspect was taken into custody and has been charged with attempted second degree murder.

Officer Gibson suffered three compressed disks in his spine and multiple lacerations to his head, knees and elbows.  He credits his Safariland duty holster with saving his life.

We welcome Officer Christopher Gibson to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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