Save No.

Sergeant Adam Olson

North Liberty Police Department North Liberty IA Saves Club

On March 10, 2013 officers from the North Liberty Police Department responded to a domestic disturbance call at the Holiday Mobile Home Court. Immediately upon arrival at the residence, the officers were fired upon by the male suspect. Sgt. Adam Olson was hit in the upper left chest by a 9mm round red from approximately 7 feet away. Sgt. Olson and two other officers re- turned fire, fatally wounding the assailant. Sgt. Olson was transported to the local hospital where he was treated and released with only bruising to his chest. The 9mm round was stopped by his ABA® XT02 level II armor. Sgt. Olson credits his armor for keeping him in the fight and saving his life.

We welcome Sgt. Adam Olson SAVE #1839 to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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