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Officer Gabriel Walz

Salina Police Department Salina KS Saves Club

We have five Saves in Salina, Kansas.

On September 28, 2012, officers from the Salina Police Department received information that an armed robbery suspect was hiding in the basement of a residence armed with a handgun. Upon arriving on scene, officers announced their presence and attempted to get the suspect to surrender but were unsuccessful.

Using a PROTECH® INTRUDER Shield, officers cleared the upstairs area of the residence then approached the basement door. As the officers grouped, Officer Chuck Huen repositioned out of the stack so he could open the door and allow the stack to advance. As he repositioned, the assailant opened fire with the 9mm handgun. One of the rounds hit Officer Huen in the right eye and exited above his ear. The other rounds fired by the assailant hit the officers’ PROTECH Shield. Officers returned fire and utilized the INTRUDER shield to rescue and evacuate Officer Huen.

A long standoff ensued and after no contact was made with the suspect, the officers made entry again and found the assailant deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Officer Huen was rushed to a hospital in Wichita, then transferred to Oklahoma City and treated for the bullet wound to his eye. No other officer was injured during the altercation. Although he lost an eye, Officer Huen was able to attend the Safariland Saves Presentation at the Salina Police Department on Wednesday, October 24, less than a month after the incident. He is back on light duty and hopes to return to full duty as soon as doctors clear him.

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