Save No.

Sergeant A. Casey DeVorss

Sedalia Police Department Saves Club

On April 12, 2020, members of the Sedalia Police Department were involved in a standoff with a barricaded suspect who was holding four children hostage. Negotiations were attempted for several hours but were unsuccessful.

Officer Ty Barrett deployed a PROTECH® 2035WL LED Type IIIA shield, and with Commander Adam Hendricks, Sergeant A. Casey DeVorss and Officer Shania Fox they began entry through the back door of the residence to attempt a rescue of the children and apprehension of the suspect. As they approached the entry, the suspect fired three rounds at the officers with a 12-gauge shotgun. Two rounds missed the entry team, but the third round of 12-gauge slug struck the PROTECH shield.

The round was stopped and the officers were unharmed. The team moved back to a secure perimeter and negotiations continued. The suspect surrendered after nine hours and has been charged with multiple felonies. He is now awaiting trial.

We welcome Sergeant A. Casey DeVorss Save #2077, to The Safariland Group Saves CLUB®

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