Save No.

Sergeant Cory Ryan

Lyons Police Department Saves Club

On October 16, 2020, Sergeant Cory Ryan responded to a neighborhood dispute where a man who was cutting his lawn was being threatened by his neighbor who was armed with a gun. Upon Sgt. Ryan’s arrival he went to talk to the neighbor and the suspect opened fire. Sgt. Ryan was shot 6 times. He was hit 2 times in the face, once in the armpit, and 3 times on his armor. Sgt. Ryan was able to return fire and begin to move away from his assailant. A civilian couple who was driving past the house stopped and moved their car close to Sgt. Ryan and called to him to use it for cover. Sgt. Ryan got to the car and the couple pulled him in and drove him to the hospital. The assailant also shot the neighbor, a local schoolteacher, and coach. Officers arrived and rescued the wounded teacher and a tactical standoff ensued. The assailant eventually surrendered. The wounded teacher is recovering and in good spirits. Sgt. Ryan was moved to a hospital in Wichita the day of the shooting and it was determined his Safariland® Hardwire® Level IIIA armor had stopped all 3 rounds to his torso. He underwent multiple surgeries to the wounds off the armor and spent nearly 2 weeks in the hospital. He has returned home and hopes to return to duty soon.

We welcome Sergeant Cory Ryan SAVE #2099, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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