Save No.

Sergeant Kevin T. Creed

Aiken County Sheriff's Office - SC Saves Club

On October 28, 2022, Sergeant Kevin T. Creed was part of a Special Operations Team that was searching a mobile home for a suspect wanted for murder. Sgt. Creed entered and began to clear a small bedroom when he noticed the closet door was partially open. Sgt. Creed moved to the door and the suspect, who was hiding behind the door, opened fire with a .9mm. One round hit Sgt. Creed’s Safariland PROTECH FAV armor’s throat protector, armored with Hardwire .68 Level IIIA ballistics. Had it not been for the throat protector stopping the round, the wound would most likely have been fatal. The assailant was taken into custody and faces multiple felony charges.

Sgt Creed has returned to full duty

We welcome Sergeant Kevin T. Creed, SAVE #2153, to The Safariland Group SAVES Club

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