Save No.

SWAT Officer Jordan Robison

San Bernardino Police Department Saves Club

On August 18, 2021 the San Bernardino SWAT Team was assigned to locate and arrest a suspect who was wanted for the attempted murder of a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy the day prior. As soon as the Team located and made contact with the individual, the suspect immediately opened fire with a 10mm, striking Officer Jordan Robison 8 times and Officer Chris Shipley 1 time. Officer Robison was hit 2 times on his armor and 6 times off the armor. Officer Robison was hit in both forearms, his femur, his shoulder, his stomach below the armor and a grazing wound to his ribs. His Project7 Scalable Entry Vest filled with Safariland ® SX02 IIIA soft armor and a Protech ® X-Cal US Rifle Plate stopped the 2 rounds to his abdomen and chest.

Officer Shipley, despite being hit in the leg, was able to return fire and render lifesaving medical aid to Officer Robison. The SWAT officers returned fire and fatally wounded the suspect. SWAT Medic Spencer Braumbaugh was on scene and provided lifesaving aid throughout the incident and subsequent transport to the emergency room.

Officer Robison is in recovery from his injuries and is undergoing physical therapy. He is expected to make a full recovery. This is the first joint SAVE arising from the partnership between Safariland ® and PROJECT7.

We welcome SWAT Officer Jordan Robison, Save #2143 to The Safariland Group SAVES Club®.

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