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Trooper LeJulian Roy

Tennessee Highway Patrol Saves Club

On November 6, 2019, Trooper LeJulian Roy of the Tennessee Highway Patrol was parked along Highway 40 to give notice of an active construction zone. A semi-trailer failed to move over or slow down and crashed into the rear of Trooper Roy’s Marked Highway Patrol SUV. The crash was so severe that Trooper Roy’s SUV was pushed from the roadway into a tree line off the highway. Trooper Roy had to be cut from the vehicle by emergency personnel. Though severely injured, with his radio and mobile data terminal crushed and rendered inoperable by the collision, Trooper Roy was able to reach his cell phone and call dispatch to give a clear, concise report of the crash and direct the needed emergency response. Trooper Roy suffered injuries to his shoulder, ribs and a punctured lung. Doctor’s credit his Safariland® Summit® SM02 Level II ballistic panel with reducing the severity of the injuries to his torso. After long and arduous physical therapy, Trooper Roy has returned to full duty.

We welcome Trooper LeJulian Roy, SAVE #2109, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB

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