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Choosing the right holster

All Safariland® holsters are made of durable, high-quality materials and crafted with strict attention to detail, but the right model depends on carrying requirements. It is essential to select a holster with care. Safariland’s selection of holsters has something for everyone, from law enforcement officers to everyday citizens. Read more →

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LE officer wearing Safariland 7360 7TS duty holster.

duty/retention holsters

Retention-rated belt mount holsters and tactical drop-rig holsters engineered for professional use. Learn more →

Man at the range wearing a Safariland 575 slim IWB holster

everyday Carry

Outside-the-Waistband or Inside-the-Waistband holsters designed for concealment, comfort and all-day wear. Learn more →


Military service member drawing firearm from Safariland RDS tactical holster


Protect your sights with our RDS and optic compatible holsters.

Safariland cordura wrapped RDS holster in a box with tactical gear.

Cordura Wrapped

Rugged looks and excellent resistance to abrasion.

LE officer wearing a Safariland 7360 7TS duty holster


The most durable holsters we’ve engineered.

Woman wearing a Safariland 575 GLS IWB holster


OWB and IWB holsters that adjust to securely fit over 225 firearms.

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Close up on a Safariland RDS thigh-rig holster


Thigh-rig holsters for tactical, range and competition use. Learn more →

LE officer with a firearm drawn wearing a Safariland 7390 duty holster

Belt Loop

The traditional and secure method to carry your firearm. Learn more →

Safariland 578 paddle holster on a table with a pistol


Convenient and versatile concealed carry option. Learn more →

Man in a suit revealing the Safariland 7053 shoulder holster


Shoulder and pocket holsters for alternative carry. Learn more →

Battle belt on a table with a Safariland 6304 Tiger Stripe camo RDS holster

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Choosing the right holster

No one holster is perfect for everyone. Some essential items to consider when selecting a holster are:

  • Comfort: How long will the holster be worn (i.e., all-day use)? Outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters allow larger framed handguns to be carried comfortably. Many OWB holster designs offer excellent comfort for the wearer.
  • Concealability: When concealment is paramount, inside-waistband-holsters (IWB) and shoulder holsters are good options but may not provide as much comfort as an OWB holster. 
  • Convenience: If the firearm will be worn for a short period of time or the holster removed frequently, a paddle holster offers more convenience.
  • Compatibility: Consider the clothing style and user’s body type before deciding on a holster style.

Common Holster Types

Duty/Retention Holsters
Safariland is widely known for its retention-rated holsters. Our duty holsters comply with the rigorous demands of LEOs and other professionals carrying firearms while on duty. These holsters include security mechanisms such as the ALS® (Automatic Locking System) and/or the SLS™ (Self Locking System) and are carefully tested to ensure they meet Safariland’s retention standards. We offer a wide range of options in duty holsters, including light bearing and optic-ready/RDS, specially designed for firearms with red dot sights. Shop Now →

Tactical Holsters
Tactical holsters typically refer to a thigh-rig mounted holster. The thigh rig has a double strap leg shroud, a single strap leg shroud, or a mini shroud. Tactical holsters were initially intended for military use, but this has since expanded into range and competition use. Shop Now →

Belt Loop Holsters
Safariland offers a wide variety of Belt Loop style holsters to meet the needs of any user. These holsters offer security and a traditional look. Wearers should choose a sturdy, secure belt with this type of holster for the best results. Shop Now →

Paddle Holsters
Paddle holsters that attach to the wearer’s clothing with a curved paddle offer convenience and versatility for concealed carry. Users slip the paddle inside the waistband while the holster and firearm sit outside. Offering fast attachment, convenience, and easy on and off – the style is popular with those who are in and out of vehicles or who do some desk work and some field work throughout the day. Shop Now →

Inside Waistband Holsters
Inside Waistband holsters work much like paddle holsters, but in reverse – instead of the clip inside the waistband and the firearm outside the waistband, these styles allow users to carry the gun inside the waistband with the clip on the outside of the pants. These holsters offer deep concealment and minimal bulk. Shop Now →

Alternative Carry Holsters
There are various alternative carry options for concealed carry, including pocket holsters and shoulder holsters. Pocket holsters fit inside the wearer’s pocket for deep concealment. They are usually designed with the rough side of the material facing out to better grip the user’s clothing. Bianchi’s design offers pocket hooks to prevent the holster from moving when the firearm is drawn. Shoulder holsters feature a harness-style design that slips over the wearer’s shoulders and are available in y-style and x-style configurations. The handgun is securely and discreetly kept under the arm. Shoulder holsters are popular with concealed carry users and law enforcement professionals who need to carry their weapons unobtrusively. Shop Now →

This is only a sample of all the carrying options available. Learn more at Holster University.



In-depth articles on holster retention, security, carry options, and materials. All the information you need to make an informed decision on which holster is right for you.

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