Beretta 30X: Two New Members of the Tomcat Family

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Beretta has announced the new Beretta 30X Tomcat available in two models. The “Just in Case” model is slightly more compact than the “Get Home Bag,” and both models offer easy loading of a small caliber in an ultra-concealable pocket pistol.

The 30X Tomcat features the revolutionary Effortless Loading System (ELS), a push-button mechanism that eliminates the need to rack the slide. This innovative system provides unparalleled ease of use for those with limited hand strength, ensuring the easiest and quietest loading operation possible in a semi-automatic pistol.

The ELS Loading system eliminates the need to rack the slide. (Photo: Beretta)

With an increased magazine capacity, repositioned controls for optimal accessibility, a skeletonized trigger and hammer reducing pull weight by 35% compared to previous Tomcat models, dovetail slide cuts for versatility, and new proprietary “Helica” textured grips for added comfort, the 30X Tomcat redefines shootability.

Dina Sanders, Brand Marketing Manager – Tactical, states, “In the hands of a survivalist, a pistol becomes more than a tool; it’s the embodiment of readiness, a symbol of preparedness, and the silent guardian of self-reliance in the face of uncertainty. The 30X Tomcat is an excellent choice as your stealthy sidekick.”

Beretta 30X Tomcat

Its compact size and lightweight construction make the 30X Tomcat easy to carry, fitting seamlessly into a pocket, backpack, or survival kit without adding unnecessary bulk. This discreet yet formidable pistol is perfect for those who prioritize mobility and preparedness for any situation.

Here’s a quick look at the two models, both of which can be made optics-ready through the use of a plate system that replaces the rear sight.

Beretta 30X Just In Case

The 30X Just In Case features a bright finish on both the slide and frame, with an overall length of 5 inches, a height of 4.3 inches, and a weight of 16 ounces.

The Just In Case model offers a mag capacity of 8 rounds of .32 ACP. (Photo: Beretta)

Beretta 30X Get Home Bag

The 30X Get Home Bag model has an extended barrel with a threaded muzzle, suppressor-height sights, and a black slide finish. It is a quarter of an inch longer and weighs half an ounce more.

Slightly larger, the Get Home Bag model offers the benefits of a threaded barrel and suppressor sights. (Photo: Beretta)

The Beretta 30X Tomcat “Just in Case” model and “Get Home Bag” model will be available at retail starting this month with an MSRP of $599.

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