Caracal USA: Confidence Redefined

— Kat StevensCADRE Dispatch

While Caracal USA might not be a commonly known manufacturer, they’ve more than carved a niche for themselves in the firearms world. In fact, their business model over the years has made it clear they truly value their relationships with dealers and gun owners alike.

Caracal is nothing if not a straight shooter—literally and figuratively. Their firearms are well known for being reliable and accurate as well as for boasting useful features for whatever purpose they’re intended.

We’re going to take a deep dive into the world of Caracal USA and examine why these firearms deserve your attention.

caracal factory guns
Caracal has been manufacturing firearms for years and is known for innovation and quality. (Photo credit: Al Defeiya News)

Company History

Caracal technically got its start back in 2002 but didn’t become an incorporated, registered business for firearms manufacturing until 2006. As a result, they were officially founded in 2007 despite having previous years of experience in firearms design and production.

The company has the distinction of being the first handgun manufacturer in the Gulf Cooperation Council, a union that includes the United Arab Emirates. Over the years various attempts to successfully import the company’s handguns into the United States were made with mixed results. Today, the company has enjoyed several years as a more established manufacturer with an arm located in the United States.

Where are Caracal guns made?

Guns available from Caracal are largely manufactured in the United Arab Emirates (in Abu Dhabi, specifically). Caracal does have an arm of the company in the United States where some manufacturing takes place as well. Jeff Spalding, General Manager at Caracal USA, made the following statement about the American arm of the company:

“Caracal USA is the U.S.-based subsidiary of Caracal International, with the headquarters located in Boise, Idaho. We are here to build American-made products for the American people, staffed with the best minds in the industry to provide state-of-the-art firearms that are unmatched in reliability, durability and performance at a price point that makes owning a battle-tested, proven firearm a realistic opportunity for the commercial buyer, as well as allowing our underfunded and overworked law enforcement agencies to purchase a patrol rifle that they can depend on at all times that will not break their budget.”

What is the caracal pistol?

caracal pistol
The Caracal USA Enhanced F is a Made in America pistol. (Photo credit: Caracal USA)

The Caracal pistol is a full-sized handgun created to withstand the rigors of duty use. This is a gun that’s gone through a few evolutions before becoming the handgun commonly referred to as “the Caracal pistol.” Specifically, it’s the Caracal USA Enhanced F, a handgun that’s Made in the USA.

Although the Enhanced F is full-sized, it’s designed for rapid deployment and ease of use. The gun is chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum and offered in a wide array of colors as well as different capacities.

Features of the Caracal USA Enhanced F include an ambidextrous magazine release, a 1913 Picatinny accessory rail ahead of the trigger guard, and a safety blade trigger. The gun is designed to be low-profile with a low bore axis so it produces less felt recoil, which in turn creates better accuracy down range. It has a high and deep tang to encourage a high, tight group on the pistol and is ergonomically designed for the best possible angle for a firm, repeatable grip.

The Enhanced F has a 4.1-inch barrel, a height of 5-5/16 inches, and a slide length of 7.0 inches. It has a capacity of 18 +1, although there is a 10-round model available for restricted capacity states. The gun weighs 1 pound, 12 ounces, empty.

Holstering the Caracal Enhanced F

For IWB (Inside the Waistband) carry, check out the Safariland 575 IWB GLS Pro-Fit Holster. It’s made with SafariSeven, which is a state-of-the-art nylon blend made for resistance to wear and extreme temperature tolerance. This holster features the Grip Lock System to secure the firearm once holstered. It has a low-cut and compact design that makes concealment easy while allowing for a quick draw. And, the fully adjustable cant allows for a personalized draw. It comes with two belt loop options—Over-the-Belt and Under-the-Belt.

For OWB (Outside the Waistband) carry of the Caracal USA Enhanced F in 9x19mm Parabellum there’s the Safariland 578 GLS Pro-Fit Holster. This holster is a paddle style that easily fits over the user’s belt. Also made with SafariSeven, the Safariland 578 GLS Pro-Fit Holster is lightweight, low-cut, and compact for the ultimate in concealment and comfort. This holster is available in black or flat dark earth and for a right- or left-handed draw.

Do They make ar-15s?

caracal usa ar-15
Caracal manufactures a variety of rifles for sport and duty use. (Photo credit: Caracal USA)

Caracal USA does make a variety of AR-15 platform rifles. This includes the CAR814 A2 Patrol 16-inch Rifle, a 5.56 NATO-chambered rifle meant for tactical applications. It is a direct impingement AR that the manufacturer states is designed not only to meet but surpass NATO test protocols.

The rifle has a Caracal forged 7075 hardcoat anodized upper and lower receiver set for superior durability. It has a 16-inch QPQ 4150 CMV barrel with a modified M4 barrel contour. The stock is adjustable, meaning length of pull can be quickly and easily adjusted to better fit the user. It ships with a 30-round magazine although there is also a 10-round version offered for restricted states.

There are a few variants in the company’s A2 Patrol line including guns chambered in 300 Blackout and varying lengths such as SBRs (short-barreled rifles). Caracal USA also offers complete uppers under this family of guns.

The gun maker markets these guns as “engineered for duty, refined for sport, ready for anything” and that does accurately describe the versatility of the rifles.

Caracal Quality

Caracal USA manufactures quality firearms for various applications. (Photo credit: Caracal USA)

Firearms designed and manufactured by Caracal USA are made with an eye for detail and strict attention to quality control. Whether the gun in question is a handgun or long gun you can be sure it’s been made according to exacting specifications—and for a specific purpose.

Caracal USA’s guns are made for everything from self-defense to competition to hunting. These firearms might appear to be relatively new, but in reality, they’re the result of decades of design and innovation. The company has quickly established itself as a trusted manufacturer of solidly performing guns and promises to deliver continued excellence for years to come.

What’s the best Caracal USA gun?

Aside from the aforementioned Enhanced F pistol, which is extremely popular, the Caracal USA Versus Competition Rifle is known for superior performance and reliability.

The Versus is a competition gun that was created with extensive input from competitive shooters. It features an 18-inch, 223 Wylde Proof Research barrel for fantastic precision and to reduce overall weight. A Geissele Super 3 Gun trigger comes standard and the 15-inch handguard is M-LOK compatible for easy addition of aftermarket accessories.

The upper and lower receiver set has an integral flared mag well for rapid magazine changes and tight tolerances. An XMR extended magazine release facilitates fast operation when it counts. The rifle weighs 6 pounds, 2 ounces, empty. Additional features include a Minimalist buttstock, self-timing muzzle brake, and Lancer Systems L5 American Warfighter magazine.

Should you get one?

Guns made by Caracal USA make a great addition to any gun collection. The company’s handguns can be used for home defense, carry, and target shooting while the long guns are made for everything from duty use to competition.

These guns might be newcomers to the gun world—at least somewhat—but they’ve proven themselves in combat and for duty overseas and have a deserved solid reputation.

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