Holosun DRS-TH: Thermal RDS

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Despite its relatively quiet “soft launch” at SHOT Show 2023, the Holosun DRS-TH thermal red dot sight created quite a stir. More specifically an RDS with fusion thermal overlay, the DRS-TH is a multi-reticle red dot system with thermal imaging capabilities and the capability of recording pictures and video.

And it’s WiFi compatible.

The Holosun DRS-TH red dot sight offers 5 thermal viewing options in addition to its available choices of red dot reticle.
The Holosun DRS-TH red dot sight offers five thermal viewing options in addition to its available choices of red dot reticle.

The optic features an LED Multi-Reticle System (MRS) with two user-selectable digital options and five different available perspectives (including White Hot, Black Hot, Highlight, Outline, and Fusion modes) for thermal viewing. It employs a 256 x 192 thermal sensor and utilizes a 1024×768 OLED resolution display with an 8x digital zoom capability; this allows the recording at 50fps. Onboard storage allows the user to store these images and videos.

The Holosun DRS-TH is housed in a lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum body with an anodized finish and is IP67 waterproof rated. It’s powered by (rechargeable) 18350 lithium batteries, keeping it in operation for up to 12 hours on a single charge during regular use; and 7 hours if using WiFi or recording.

Mounting is done via a standard Picatinny rail mount and viewing through a multi-coated, large-aperture lens.

The DRS-TH optic utilizes Holosun’s Shake Awake technology, turning itself on when not in use and turning it back on immediately when it senses movement. This will preserve battery life.

At this stage there is no call for an optic-ready holster, but with the way things are advancing, who knows? Learn more about the Holosun thermal.

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