MultiCam Alpine: What and Why

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Certain limited edition models of Safariland holster are available in a handful of popular camouflage patterns. One of those is MultiCam Alpine (MC Alpine). This is more than just a snow camo; it is designed to help mask the wearer’s infrared signature as well.

The new holsters are initially available in the 6354RDS, 6304RDS, and 6354RDSO models.

MC Alpine

As you can tell from the imagery shown here, the Alpine variant of MultiCam is first and foremost a winter camo style for snowy terrain. Although often referred to as an Arctic or winter camo, that is not entirely correct. It was designed to be of maximum use in areas that have seen recent or recurring snowfall.

MC alpine isn't technically a winter or Arctic camouflage; it is a snow camo pattern.

Snow is certainly associated with the winter months, and the Arctic with snow, but there are many places well outside the Arctic Circle that experience snow in other seasons (usually at altitude).

See MultiCam Alpine holster options.

Safariland holsters in exclusive camouflage patterns online.

Crye Precision, the designer of the various MC camouflages (there are several), describes the alpine version thusly:

“The MultiCam Alpine pattern was developed to effectively reduce the visual and near-IR [near Infra Red] signature of a person operating in snow-covered environments. It is intended to be used in every area of operation that receives significant snowfall.”

A couple of different MC patterns in use.
The MultiCam family of camouflage patterns made its public debut in 2002. It was initially designed for use by the U.S. Army in varied environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions. Since its arrival other patterns have become available; some of those include MultiCam Black, MultiCam Arid, MultiCam Tropic, and of course Alpine.

This is the sort of camouflage you might expect to see issued to the 11th Airborne Division, Special Operations Forces (SOF) units operating high in the mountains, or perhaps opposing forces (OPFOR) one of NATO’s Exercise Cold Response evolutions.

Or of course on your gear if that’s what you like.

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