New Staccato Fits for Incog X

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Safariland has expanded the popular line of Incog X concealed carry holsters to include fits for the Staccato CS, C2, and P — with and without a mag caddy.

Staccato Incog X find your fit

Incog X

The Incog X is an RDS-compatible IWB holster, designed in collaboration with Haley Strategic Partners. Released last summer, it’s the 10th-anniversary edition of the Incog IWB holster and provides enhanced concealed carry features.

The Incog X is an ergonomic, mission-adaptable, RDS-compatible, multi-positional, deep concealment IWB hybrid thermofolded holster. Its distinctive features enable concealed carry handgun fits from various carry positions while allowing for a full firing grip before drawing.

Safariland Incog X IWB holster with mag caddy.
The Safariland Incog X IWB holster with mag caddy.

The design features passive retention and adjustable tension functionality, a series of clips that allow more adaptability while maintaining enhanced grip acquisition, concealment, and functionality. The clips open outward and slide down with the holster, naturally locking in place over the belt. An actuated finger tab flexes to open, for quick installation or removal from the belt.

An improved clip strut design combines functionality with customized concealment shims for tool-less installation and removal. All Incog X models include clip strut shims in three concealment enhancement sizes, 1/8″, 1/4″, and 3/8″.

Incog X Features

  • 3 Sizes of Concealment Enhancing Clip strut shims
  • Micro and full-size red-dot compatibility
  • Microfiber suede-wrapped Boltaron body
  • Optional magazine caddy with tension adjustment
  • Over-the-belt polymer clips
  • Passive trigger guard and ejection port retention
  • Sight channel height is .406″

Staccato: Duty and Concealed Carry 2011 Handguns

Staccato is a highly respected manufacturer of world-class 2011 handguns. Each model is manufactured for the tightest tolerances and hand-assembled by Master Gunsmiths to ensure the perfect fit. Shooters of all types appreciate the design quality and performance of Staccato 2011s, from new shooters to those who use them for duty, competition, and defensive purposes.

Here’s a quick look at the Staccato 2011 models that the Incog X is now fitted for.

Staccato CS

The Staccato CS is the smallest, lightest, and most concealable member of the Staccato pistol family. The grip is designed for a range of hand sizes and compatible weapon-lights include the Streamlight TLR-7 Sub and SureFire XSC-B.

The Staccato CS comes with two 16-round magazines. (Photo: Staccato)

Staccato C2

Best used for concealed carry, Staccato calls the C2 a perfect marriage of capacity, capability, and reliable performance. The Staccato C2 has a variety of options for optics and barrels.

The Staccato C2 comes with two 16-round magazines. (Photo: Staccato)

Staccato P

Built for duty use and embraced by home defenders, the Staccato P is approved for duty by over 1,400 law enforcement agencies, carried by thousands of officers across the country, as well as by elite units like the Texas Rangers and the US Marshals Special Operations Group.

The Staccato P ships with two 17-round magazines. (Photo: Staccato)

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