Safariland Incog X Holster: Glock Clone Compatibility

— Reid MooreCADRE Dispatch

It’s no secret that Safariland offers some of the best holsters in the game, and the Safariland Incog X holster certainly lives up to its reputation, quickly becoming one of Safariland’s most popular in-the-waistband holsters.

A collaboration between Safariland and Haley Strategic Partners, the Incog X is designed to deliver deep concealment while simultaneously maximizing comfort. The holster features a passive retention system and adjustable tension points, allowing users to customize the holster to adapt to specific needs, while a microfiber suede-wrapped Boltaron body is comfortable to wear against the skin.

These are all great features, but I’m not as interested in the gun’s construction and features (many of my fellow writers have already covered these extensively) as I am in its compatibility with Glock 19 clones like the Shadow Systems MR920. Why? Well, because there are some holsters out there that clones just won’t work with, which is frustrating at times.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten excited about a new holster system only to find that it won’t accept anything but a factory Glock 19. No clones, no aftermarket upgrades, no nothing.

So, does the Incog X work with Glock 19 clones, and if so, how well does it work? Let’s discuss.

Glock clones

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, I suppose we should briefly discuss Glock 19 clones and why anyone might want one. So, what exactly is a Glock clone? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

A Glock clone pistol is any pistol that utilizes the Glock pattern but isn’t actually a factory Glock. Clear as mud, right?

As fellow writer Jason Mosher put it, “A Glock clone essentially mimics Glock’s specifications but is manufactured by a third party. While cosmetic variations exist, the integral parts are often the same. A fully cloned Glock handgun should have interchangeable parts with Glock’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components, including the magazines, sights, trigger, and more.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Shadow Systems MR920 glock 19 clone with Safariland Incog X holster
The Shadow Systems MR920 is one of my favorite Glock 19 clones currently on the market.

These are guns like the Shadow Systems MR920, the Faxon Firearms FX-19, and so on. Glock clones are highly sought after by civilian collectors, builders, and hobbyists alike. The guns are endlessly customizable, and better yet, they’re often relatively affordable.

A history of Glock clone Holster fitment issues

Many leather and Kydex Glock holsters will readily accept some true Glock clones, but I’ve had some holsters — specifically those with built-in retention systems — have some trouble with Glock clones with upgraded triggers, enhanced slide serrations, and other common features found on “Gucci” Glocks. Slight changes in dimensions, design details, and enhanced features can cause a host of fitment issues.

Although many Glock clones are designed to mimic the overall shape and size of a Glock, they’re still produced by third-party manufacturers, so it’s not uncommon to see small differences in slide width, frame contours, or trigger guard shapes, all of which can lead to a less-than-perfect fit in a Glock-specific holster.

I’ve seen some holsters that won’t even allow the gun to fit fully seated in the holster, and I’ve seen some that allow insertion of the gun but seize up when you try to actuate the retention system, effectively holding the gun hostage. Shoot, I had one holster from a nameless company that I had to take apart after the thumb break locked in place and refused to budge. Not cool, man.

These issues are annoying, yes, but also dangerous. What good is a holster if you can’t draw your weapon when you need it?

Giving the Safariland Incog x a try

I’ve always had good luck with Safariland holsters, so I decided to try the Incog X with my Shadow Systems MR920. I’m happy to report that it fits like a glove. When I slid the MR920 into place, it seated fully against the bottom of the holster with a bit of a “click.” That was a good sign.

Pleased, I turned the holster upside down. You know, as a test. The fit is super snug and secure; no wiggling, rattling, or awkward gaps. Holding the holster upside down, the gun stayed securely in place. Success!

Safariland Incog X
The Shadow Systems MR920 fits like a glove.

Having passed the first part of the test, I practiced a few draws. I was amazed at how smooth the draw was despite the gun fitting snugly in the holster. Every draw was the same; smooth and quick. No tugging, no movement of the holster, no repositioning of my grip or draw angle. It felt like the Incog X was made specifically for the Shadow Systems MR920.

I got to wondering, though, if by inserting a Glock clone, I’d somehow altered the shape of the holster. That is, would it still work with a factory Glock 19?

Without adjusting the retention, I slipped my Gen 5 Glock 19 in the holster and repeated the same tests I’d done with the MR920. Again, the gun fully seated inside the holster with the same “click” I’d experienced before with the Shadow Systems. When turned upside down, the gun stayed in place, and the draws were smooth, quick, and easy. Heck. Yes.

G19 next to a Shadow Systems MR920
The Shadow Systems MR920 is a faithful Glock 19 clone, and the Incog X accepts both models with no issues.

I’ll continue testing with my incoming Faxon FX-19 and other clones, but I’m a believer, I think.

Happy Camper

I am pleasantly surprised to find that the Incog X works with well with Glock clones. I’ve been let down in the past by other brands and holster models, so I was honestly expecting much of the same. But that’s just not the case with this holster, which makes me a happy camper!

I like my Gucci Glocks, and I’m easily bored by carrying a factory standard G19. It’s nice to know I can shake up my carry rotation to start carrying some of my Fun Guns without sacrificing reliability.

While I’ve experienced my fair share of Glock clone holster fitment issues in the past, I don’t see those issues repeated by the Incog X. Moreover, the holster screams quality, both in terms of material and workmanship. Should I experience any issues with my FX-19 when it arrives (or any other G19 clones for that matter), I’ll be sure to report back. But for now, I’m happy with the results I’m seeing here.

In short, if you’re in the market for a quality IWB holster for your Gucci Glock clone, I’d say the Incog X is a safe bet!

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