Savior Rifle Cases: Just What the Doctor Ordered

— Jason MosherCADRE Dispatch

If you have ever traveled to a gun training or competition event, you know how much stuff you need to bring. I recently attended an Achilles Heel Tactical training event for handguns and rifles. That means a rifle and handgun were needed right? But I also needed a cleaning kit, eye and ear protection, a shot timer…

In the end, I loaded up my large range bag, an extra rifle, two pairs of boots, rain gear, and more. And that brings me to the focus of this article — a quality rifle case that I can rely on to safely transport my firearms.

Savior Rifle Cases

If you want an awesome rifle case that is built to last, you should check out these Savior rifle cases. From compact to full-size, Savior makes a rifle case that works for just about every occasion. And if you want a rifle case that doesn’t look like a rifle case, guess what, they make that too.

Savior Fiddle Case.
Savior makes multiple types of rifle cases including the Fiddle case pictured above. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

I purchased my first Savior Fiddle Master case several years ago and it’s worked great for traveling. When going to some areas, I like to keep a compact rifle or AR pistol in the car with me. The fiddle case looks like a music case but holds my rifle and extra mags. And best of all, it doesn’t look like a gun case. For other trips, I need a classic rifle case that will hold all my gear and Savior offers plenty of options for that as well.

Savor offers a lot of cool cases, but I frequently use four specific ones. Two are soft rifle cases and two are hard cases. Let’s take a look.

1. Urban Warfare 42”

I’ve been using the 42-inch Urban Warfare soft case recently when traveling to a range of events. With a padded divider in the middle, the Urban Warfare case is made to hold two rifles. It is available in five lengths that range from 32-55 inches.

This is the longest case I use because my AR-15 rifles will fit in it, as well as my 6.5 Creedmoor bolt action, my AK-47, and others. If you have shotguns with longer barrels, you may need one of the longer cases.

42-inch Urban Warfare case
The Urban Warfare rifle case can hold two rifles. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

The two large pockets on each end are perfect for storing hearing protection, ammo, and extra rifle mags. During the last event I attended, I was able to fit a Safariland holster for my Glock in a side pocket as well. The lids are secured in place with Velcro, and an adjustable buckle also helps make sure they stay closed when not being used.

A side compartment has multiple pouches that are perfect for storing a handgun, extra mags, and other accessories. I stored two handguns (one in each padded compartment) and some markers and pens in this area.

Carry handles are located on the top and side as well as backpack straps. For one bag that will handle different lengths of guns and also carry handguns and ammo, this is a great deal. It retails for about $94.99.

2. Urban Carbine 30 “

This is one of my favorites for carrying AR pistols and subgun-sized weapons. I have also carried my AR-15 in it before, but I had to pull the upper and lower apart.

The Urban Carbine case has one main compartment for storing the firearm and several pockets inside. These areas are great for rifle mags and other similar-sized items.

A larger compartment on the bottom outside portion of the case is large enough for a handgun, ear protection, etc. I keep some extra batteries, a rag, and a cleaning kit in this area.

Urban Carbine
The Urban Carbine rifle case is compact and rugged. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

The smallest compartment at the top of the exterior is plenty big enough for eye protection, ammo, and other items.

I like this case because it’s so compact and easy to carry around. It has a sling strap across the back as well as top and side carry handles. It comes in black, grey, OD Green, or Dark FDE. Retail is $83.99.

3. Fiddle Master 30”

As I mentioned above, I use this case when I’m traveling in a vehicle and need a way to carry a gun. Some vehicles don’t have a good place for storing a rifle and a case is needed.

Keep in mind that instruments are not the best at discouraging thieves, so this case still needs to be concealed. But when it comes to transporting a gun to and from your car, no one thinks twice when they see it.

Fiddle Master - Savior rifle case
The Fiddle Master rifle case by Savior. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

The Fiddle Master is a hard case with multiple latches around the lid, two of which lock. It has Velcro straps on the inside to secure your firearm in the case. A 30-round magazine won’t fit in the gun while it’s in the case, but a 20-round mag will.

I keep a 20-round mag in the gun and a 30-round mag in the case with it. It only comes in black and retails for $149.99.

4. Ultimate Guitar Case 45”

If you want to haul a full-size rifle around without attracting attention, the Ultimate Guitar Case is just what the doctor ordered.

This hard case is the same size as a real guitar case and is full of thin foam pads. Each pad is about 1.5 inches thick so you can take out however many you need. You can also cut through the foam for a custom fit for your guns.

There is enough room to hold an AR-15, a handgun, and a few mags, and still have some room for other small items. It’s thick enough you could even place items in the bottom of it, then add several layers of cutout foam for your rifle.

rifle guitar case -savior
Savior’s Ultimate Guitar Case for rifles. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

Multiple latches around the lid help keep it closed and a metal loop for a padlock is located on the front for locking it. Wheels on the bottom make it easy to roll around and a side carry handle is available as well.

If you are going camping or taking a trip, this is a perfect way to haul your gear around without being noticed. It comes in black, brown, and grey. The retail price is $199.99.

Do you have a Savior Rifle Case?

I’ve used both the soft rifle cases and the instrument cases a great deal and they have held up perfectly. For the price, it’s just hard to beat the quality, style, and features of Savior rifle cases.

If you own a rifle, you should have a good rifle case to keep your gun in. Find the one that fits your needs and make sure your rifle is ready to go with you the next time you leave the house with it.  

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