Sig Sauer ROMEO2 Kit Assigned NSN Designation

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SIG SAUER, Inc. has announced that the full ROMEO2 kit has been placed on the MHS Additional Authorized List (AAL) with a designated NATO Stock Number (NSN: 1240-01-717-4679).

This achievement reflects the ongoing modernization initiatives within the Modular Handgun System (MHS) Program and highlights SIG SAUER’s commitment to enhancing the M17 and M18 platforms with cutting-edge accessories.

Selection Process and Standardization

To secure placement on the MHS Additional Authorized List (AAL), the U.S. Army rigorously evaluated various pistol red dot sights from multiple manufacturers. Both the ROMEO2 and the previously awarded ROMEO-M17 (NSN: 1240-01-713-9795) successfully passed these evaluations.

The assignment of an NSN streamlines procurement procedures for all NATO members and partner countries, establishing these products as standardized materials.

Key Features of the ROMEO2

The Sig Sauer full ROMEO2 Kit has been assigned a NATO Stock Number and officially placed on the MHS Additional Authorized List. (Photo: Sig Sauer)

The ROMEO2 is a Red Dot Reflex Sight equipped with a molded glass aspheric lens featuring high-performance coatings to ensure superior light transmittance and minimal distortion. It offers versatility with reticle options including 3 MOA, 6 MOA, or Circle/Dot configurations.

Incorporating D.A.R.C. (Dark Adaptive Reticles and Coatings) technology, the ROMEO2 maintains optimal reticle brightness and target clarity in various lighting conditions, including compatibility with Gen3+ night vision devices.

Innovative Functionality

The ROMEO2 features advanced technologies such as MOTAC (motion-activated illumination system) and MAGNETAC (Magnetic Activation). MOTAC conserves battery life by automatically powering off the optic during periods of inactivity and reactivating upon motion detection. MAGNETAC ensures intuitive operation by activating the optic when drawn from a compatible holster and deactivating it when holstered.

Durable Construction and Comprehensive Kit

Crafted with 7075 aluminum housing, the ROMEO2 is built for rugged durability. The kit includes two steel shrouds to accommodate three optic configurations, including fully enclosed and sealed options.

Additionally, the MHS AAL ROMEO2 kit provides Berry-compliant wrenches, an X-RAY3 green suppressor-height front night sight for co-witnessing, and a plug to fill the rear hole of the MHS slide when the sight plate is removed.

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