The Walther Handgun Line: Classic and Cutting Edge

— William LawsonCADRE Dispatch

Walther is among the world’s most respected gunmakers. Founded in the late 19th century, the German company made its first pistol in 1908, with the appropriately named Model 1. Since then, Walther has given us some of the most iconic handguns in history, including the PP, PPK, and P38, not to mention the criminally underrated P5 and P88.

Walther PDP Pro SD Compact pistol
The PDP Pro SD Compact is one of Walther’s many quality options. (

The current handgun lineup is worthy of its predecessors. That lineup includes some of yesteryear’s classics, which now benefit from 21st-century manufacturing processes, as well as cutting-edge modern duty and carry pistols.

Let’s look at the Walther lineup, beginning with the company’s newest offerings.

Walther PDP Line

The PDP is Walther’s flagship duty and carry pistol. Succeeding the outstanding PPQ series, the PDP offers superior ergonomics, from the textured polymer grip to the deep slide serrations. The long slide release is easy to operate but doesn’t get in your way. All PDP variants are optic-ready. But like the PPQ’s Quick Defense Trigger, the PDP’s star component is the updated Performance Duty Trigger. The striker-fired 9mm Luger PDP offers a 15+1 or 18+1 capacity. The Walther PDP won Guns & Ammo’s 2021 Handgun of the Year Award.

Walther PDP pistol
The PDP is Walther’s flagship duty and carry pistol. (

The PDP is available in multiple configurations for concealed carry, duty, or competition:

PDP Variants

Walther PDP Match pistol
The PDP Match is one of the newest Walthers. (
  • PDP Compact with a 4-inch barrel, 5.4-inch height, and 15+1 capacity.
  • PDP Full-Size with a 4-inch barrel, 5.7-inch height, and 18+1 capacity.
  • PDP Full-Size with a 4.5-inch barrel, 5.7-inch height, and 18+1 capacity.
  • PDP Compact with a 5-inch barrel, 5.4-inch height, and 15+1 capacity.
  • PDP Full-Size with a 5-inch barrel, 5.7-inch height, and 18+1 capacity
  • PDP Compact Pro SD with a 4-inch slide, 4.6-inch threaded barrel, 5.9-inch height, 18+1 capacity, Dynamic Performance Trigger, Aluminum Mag Well, and three 18-round magazines with aluminum base pads.
  • PDP Full-Size Pro SD with a 4.5-inch slide, 5.1-inch threaded barrel, 5.9-inch height, 18+1 capacity, Dynamic Performance Trigger, Aluminum Mag Well, and three 18-round magazines with aluminum base pads.
  • PDP Full-Size Match with a 5-inch slide, 5.7-inch height, 18+1 capacity, Dynamic Performance Trigger, Performance Duty Texture, Enhanced Mag Well, and 3 18-round magazines with aluminum base pads.
  • PDP Match Steel Frame with 5-inch slide, 5.75-inch height, 18+1 and 20+1 capacity, Dynamic Performance Trigger, Performance Duty Texture, Enhanced Mag Well, Wraparound grip panel, 1 18-round and 2 20-round magazines with aluminum base pads. The steel frame reduces recoil and enhances accuracy.

PDP F-Series

The F-Series is a subset of the PDP line tailored specifically for female shooters. Walther says the F-Series pistols account for precise structural differences in their reengineered grip ergonomics to create a product “designed for the exact biometrics of women’s hands.”

Walther PDP F-Series 3.5 pistol
The PDP F-Series guns, like this 3.5″ variant, are built especially for female shooters. (

The patented operating system reduces slide rack force by 20 percent which, combined with the PDP’s other features, creates “the elite choice for all women.” This includes a reduced circumference grip and reduced trigger reach with the F-Series trigger placement.

Like the PDP, the PDP F-Series is optic-ready and chambered in 9mm Luger. There are two variants:

  • PDP F-Series 4” with a 4-inch barrel, 5.4-inch height, PDP-F Trigger, and 15+1 capacity.
  • PDP F-Series 3.5” with a 3.5-inch barrel, 5.4-inch height, PDP-F-Series Trigger, and 15+1 capacity.

Walther PD380

Walther’s newest handgun is built for ease of use, with minimal recoil and an almost effortless slide rack. This hammer-fired pistol has a double/single action trigger and offers 9+1 rounds of .380 ACP. The gun features a slide-mounted safety/decocker, deep slide serrations, and Walther’s superior ergonomics.

Walther PD380 pistol
The PD380 is Walther’s newest concealed carry pistol. (

The WMP (Walther Magnum Pistol)

The WMP is a striker-fired duty-size handgun chambered in .22 Magnum. The pistol features Walther’s outstanding ergonomics, including the Quad Release magazine ejection system. The Quad Release includes four activation points with its ambidextrous buttons and trigger guard-mounted paddles. The optic-ready WMP sports a 4.5-inch barrel with a 15+1 capacity.

Walther Steel Frame line

Q4 Steel Frame

The Q4 Steel Frame is Walther’s premium duty or carry pistol. The guns are machined from a solid steel billet and feature Walther’s improved ergonomics, including an extended beavertail. The weight is balanced to reduce recoil, and Walther says the pistol will “surpass all expectations with its unrivaled accuracy and performance.”

The Q4 Steel Frame also features Walther’s Quick Defense Trigger, as in the PPQ, with its 5.4 lb. pull, 0.4-inch travel, and 0.1-inch reset. The Q4 Steel Frame is available with iron sights or optic ready.

Q5 Match Steel Frame

Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame pistol
The Q5 Match Steel Frame is Walther’s competition pistol. (

This is Walther’s competition pistol, featuring an all-steel frame machined from a solid billet, a wrap-around grip panel, extended beavertail, full-length Picatinny rail, and recessed slide release. The weight is carefully balanced to minimize recoil and maximize performance. The 5-inch barrel features polygonal rifling and a stepped chamber for superior accuracy. The slide is ported and optic-ready, with LPA sights and front and rear serrations.

The Q5 Match Steel Frame Pro includes a Carl Walther Performance Mag Well and +2 aluminum base plates.

Walther PPQ Line

PPQ .22LR M2

The PDP may have superseded the PPQ as Walther’s premier 9mm duty pistol, but the PPQ is still around in other forms. The first is the PPQ 22, which mimics the dimensions of the full-size PPQ M2 handgun, as well as the Quick Defense Trigger. The PPQ 22 allows PPQ shooters to train with an exact physical copy of their gun while not breaking the ammo budget. Chambered in .22 Long Rifle, the PPQ 22 has an ambidextrous slide stop and a reversible M2 magazine release. PPQ 22 variants include the PPQ 22 5” and the PPQ 22 SD with a threaded barrel.

PPQ .45 M2

The PPQ .45 offers this excellent handgun chambered in .45 ACP. The grip circumference is identical to the original 9mm PPQ and the gun features the Quick Defense Trigger. The gun has an ambidextrous slide stop and a reversible M2 magazine release. Capacity is 12+1. The PPQ .45 won Guns & Ammo’s Handgun of the Year and the NRA Golden Bullseye Award. Variants include the SD model with a threaded barrel and a version with XS F8 Tritium Night Sights.

The PPS M2

The PPS M2 is Walther’s superb single-stack 9mm concealed carry pistol. The gun’s ergonomics are designed for the most grip surface in its class while maintaining a thickness of only 1 inch. The gun is very accurate thanks to the top-quality barrel and internal steel chassis, which provides superior slide-to-frame fit. Standard capacity is 6+1, with 7 and 8-round magazines available. The PPS M2 LE variant includes 3-dot phosphoric night sights and the 7 and 8-round magazines.

Walther PPK Line


Few handguns boast the classic lines and smooth operation of the PPK. Still going strong 90 years after its introduction, the steel-framed PPK lets you carry in style.

The hammer-fired, fixed-barrel, blowback PPK features a double action/single action trigger and a slide-mounted safety/decocker. The PPK is chambered in .380 ACP with a capacity of 6+1. The gun is available with a black or stainless-steel finish. Modern PPKs include some German-made parts, but final manufacturing is done in the United States in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Walther PPK pistol
Few firearms can match the PPK’s classic lines. (

The PPK/s

The PPK/s keeps all the cool PPK features but adds another round to capacity by extending the grip. This added real estate provides a more solid grip on the gun, but minimally affects concealability. Like the PPK, the PPK/s is chambered in .380 ACP. The PPK/s is available in black or stainless-steel finish. The latter is available with walnut grips.

The PPK/s .22

Identical in size, dimensions, and operation to the PPK/s, the PPK/s .22 is chambered in .22 Long Rifle. The PPK/s .22, however, includes a threaded barrel, making it suppressor-ready right from the box, with purchase of the barrel adapter that is sold separately. The gun has a 10+1 capacity and is available with a black or nickel finish.

Walther PPK/s pistol
The PPK/s offers a slightly longer grip and one extra round. (

The CCP M2+

The polymer-framed, striker-fired CCP M2+ features Walther’s easy-to rack slide, easily changed sight cuts that are compatible with standard Glock 17/19 sights, and Walther’s Soft-Coil gas technology to reduce felt recoil. Walther says the CCP is their most ergonomic and comfortable pistol in their concealed carry lineup.

The gun features tool-less takedown and a fixed barrel. The CCP also has a frame-mounted thumb safety and low-profile slide stop. Chambered for 9mm Luger, the CCP has an 8+1 capacity.

Variants feature different color frames, including Blue Titanium, Tungsten, Angel Blue, and two-tone silver and black.

The CCP M2 .380

The CCP M2 .380 includes all the features of its 9mm cousin, including the 8+1 capacity. The gun’s variants feature a two-tone black and silver model and an Angel Blue frame.

Walther P22 line

The P22Q

The polymer-framed, hammer-fired P22 features Walther’s top-notch ergonomics, including an ambidextrous paddle magazine release and interchangeable backstraps. The double action/single action trigger features Walther’s quick reset, allowing fast follow-up shots. The rear sight is windage-adjustable. The gun is chambered for .22 Long Rifle and has a 10+1 capacity.

Variants include a nickel-plated slide; an Angel Blue frame; the Black Laser, with a lightweight, button-activated laser mounted on the trigger guard; the “Military,” featuring an olive-green frame; and the ‘Tactical FDE,” with a threaded barrel, fiber optic front sight, and Flat Dark Earth finish.

Walther P22Q Tactical FDE pistol
The P22Q Tactical FDE. (

The P22 CA

This California-compliant model is identical to the P22Q line except the muzzle threads are capped since the Golden State outlaws threaded barrels. P22CA variants include a nickel-plated slide, and the Target models, featuring a 5-inch barrel with an attached stabilizer. The Target model is also available with a nickel-plated slide.

The P99 AS

This classic striker-fired handgun began the Walther tradition of superior ergonomics. Still a high-performance duty pistol over two decades later, the P99 AS features Walther’s two-stage double/single action Anti-Stress Trigger for sure operation that includes a short reset. Chambered in 9mm Luger, the P99 has a 15+1 capacity. The P99 also features an integrated, no-snag, ambidextrous decocker button and the ambidextrous paddle magazine release.

Walther Quality

The Walther Company offers quality, German-made firearms that build on over a century of workmanship and tradition. Walther handguns are the equal of any, and probably better than most, peer offerings. Whether you want elegant, classic lines, or modern performance, Walther has you covered for concealed carry, competition, target shooting, or duty carry.

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