Top 3 Nightstick Handgun Weapon Lights

— Reid MooreCADRE Dispatch

Anyone who’s spent any time in the firearms industry knows the Nightstick name. And for good reason. From rifle-mounted lights with remote pressure switches to ultra-small lights for sub-compact pistols, Nightstick makes some of the best weapon lights in the game. That’s a fact.

They’re reliable, but aren’t overly expensive. They do exactly what you need them to do when you need them. But if you’re in the market for a new handgun light, a vague fanboy opinion isn’t all that helpful in a sea of options, is it?

That said, I’ve shortened the pool for you a bit with three of the best Nightstick handgun lights currently available, including one full-size light, one compact light, and one sub-compact light. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Full-size option: Nightstick TWM-30

The Nightstick TWM-30 is, in my opinion, one of the best full-size handgun weapon lights you can find. Why? Well, to start, it offers an incredible 1,200-lumen maximum output with a 194-meter range, which is perfect for CQB and home defense scenarios.

I have my TWM-30 installed on my Glock 19X, but I’ve used it on my Walther Q5 Match, and I’ve seen folks run the light on 2011s, Glock 34s, and other large-frame, full-size guns. It easily cuts through the darkness, and the ambidextrous rear-mounted activation switch makes it easy to light up a room with momentary and constant-on modes.

Glock 19X with Nightstick TWM-30 weaponlight
The TMW-30 looks great on the Glock 19X.

It’s a little bulky, but what do you expect from a full-size handgun light? It’s built to last, featuring a durable aluminum housing with a corrosion-resistant anodized finish and a glass-filled polymer battery door.

It’ll handle just about anything you can throw at it, which is a good thing for folks like me who like to run their gear through the gauntlet. I’m not overly kind to my gear and admittedly rather clumsy, so durability is key for shooters like me. This light certainly lives up to the challenge.

The TWM-30 operates on two CR123 batteries, which are included from the factory, and offers a battery life of up to 1.75 hours. While that’s not the best battery life out there, it’s fairly reasonable considering what it’s designed for (self-defense and duty applications), with the blinding 1,200-lumen output. So, while the TWM-30 doesn’t sport the best battery life, it’s nothing to balk at, that’s for sure.

TLDR: The Nightstick TWM-30 is easily the best full-size light for duty guns and home defense rigs. I’d trust it in darn near any tactical or defensive scenario, hands down.

Compact Option: Nightstick tcm-10

I run the Nightstick TCM-10 on my Shadow Systems MR920 (Glock 19 clone). It’s honestly one of the best — if not the best — compact weapon lights I’ve ever used.

Much like its larger TWM-30 cousin, the TCM-10 features a practically indestructible 6061 aircraft aluminum shell with an impact-resistant polymer rear housing. It’s built like a tank and offers a bright 650-lumen focused spot beam. It lights up a room with ease for quick positive target identification and boasts the same ambi switch controls as the TWM-30.

Nightstick tcm-10 compact weaponlight
The TCM-10 is kinda blocky, but it’s the best weapon light for the job.

The TCM-10 is easy to conceal and is compatible with a number of Safariland IWB and OWB holsters. As such, I have to believe that this little light is the ultimate EDC light. Reliable performance and holster compatibility? It doesn’t get much better than that.

I will say, though, that I think it’s a little blocky, but that’s just me being picky. In reality, its streamlined profile conforms to the lines of the Shadow Systems and G19 platform rather well. This not only eliminates snag risks and aids in concealability, but it also looks nice… like it was meant to be there, rather than some chunky heap of metal and plastic hanging off the end of your gun.

TLDR: If you’re looking for a quality handgun-mounted light with a streamlined profile, the TCM-10 is your guy. It’s reliable and is compatible with a variety of popular holster models. There’s no comparison; get you one.

Sub-compact option: Nightstick TCM-5B

Alright, so I’m just gonna say it; the TCM-5B is a bit funny looking, in my opinion. It looks a bit like Pinnochio’s nose, indicating that your little subbie lied about its max benchpress. Aesthetics aside, though, this little light packs a punch.

Much like the TCM-10, the TCM-5B offers a rather impressive 650-lumen maximum output and a range of 130+ meters. That’s no slouch, especially for a light of this size.

But it isn’t the impressive output, the ambi controls, or even the indestructible housing that earns the TCM-5B’s place on this list. No. It’s the fact that the TCM-5B is the only sub-compact light that I know of that features a rail clamp that’s specifically designed for short and narrow sub-compact handgun rails, which makes it stupid-easy to install the light on your Hellcat, Glock 43, or Shadow Systems CR920.

shadow systems CR920 with Nightstick TCM-5B weaponlight
I’m not a huge fan of the elongated profile, but it’s a powerhouse of a light.

Further, the TCM-5B is also compatible with many popular holster models as well. So, yeah, this light looks a little funny… but man, it knocks the ball out of the park.

I’ve been running it on my Shadow Systems CR920 pistol for some time now, and it’s taken a beating. I don’t expect to use it all that often, as I don’t personally feel the need for a light on a subbie, but I definitely don’t hate it! Who knows, the Nightstick TCM-5B may have changed my mind about lights on sub-compact guns.

TLDR: The TCM-5B is admittedly a little silly and unwieldy looking. But, appearances aren’t everything! This little light is perfect for the subbie-lover; it’s reliable, affordable, and super easy to install. You can’t ask for much more than that, am I right?

Bonus not-a-weapon-light: Nightstick USB-320

So, I know this isn’t a weapon light, but the Nightstick USB-320 is just too good of a light that it’d be a crime not to mention it in this list. Packing an impressive 320-lumen output in a super-compact profile, this little light is a must-have for your EDC rotation.

Slightly smaller than the palm of my hand, the USB-320 is built to handle just about anything you can throw at it. I’ve used it to work on my truck and to navigate my creaky old house when the power went out… shoot, my wife (who works in law enforcement) even stole it from me to replace her old, worn-out light on her duty belt. It’s just that awesome.

Nightstick USB-320
The Nightstick USB-320 is a great little EDC light!

It’s easily recharged using the included USB-C cable, so even if my wife has deemed the light to be her property, I can rest easy knowing she’ll always have a reliable light source when she needs it. Plus, like all Nightstick products, the USB-320 is backed by Nightstick’s lifetime warranty. I can get behind that.

Nightstick Lights the way

Whether you’re a responsibly armed citizen or a professional peace officer, a reliable weapon light is essential, and Nightstick makes some of the best weapon lights in the game. Nightstick products are affordable, reliable, and versatile.

As an experienced shooter married to an experienced law enforcement officer, I’ve come to trust Nightstick products through hours of extensive T&E and real-world experiences. So, if you’re in the market for a light for your full-size, compact, or sub-compact handgun, I’d highly recommend you start with Nightstick.

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