Walther's New PDP Match: Available in Steel and Polymer

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In 2021 Walther launched a new flagship handgun, the PDP (Performance Duty Pistol), in full-size and compact configurations. Since then, the striker-fired gun has proven quite popular for duty use and concealed carry. Now, Walther has brought the PDP into the competition world with the addition of two new PDP models, the PDP Match Steel Frame and PDP Match Polymer.

Both models are chambered in 9mm, have five-inch barrels, and feature the Dynamic Performance Trigger, which some say is one of the best out-of-the-box triggers on the market.

PDP Match — Polymer

The polymer PDP match is optics-ready and comes equipped with an 18-round magazine. (Photo Credit: Walther)

The PDP Match Polymer has a rust-resistant, full-size polymer frame, with aluminum magwell and basepads. It has the same Performance Duty grip texture as the original PDP. The slide is tenifer-coated with strategic slide cuts. Capacity is 18 rounds, and the gun ships with three magazines.

Featured capabilities of the Polymer-Frame PDP Match:

  • Dynamic Performance Trigger: Offers control and responsiveness when firing in any situation, providing enhanced accuracy and consistency in shots.
  • Aluminum Magwell and 18-round Capacity: Optimized handling for seamless transitions and enhanced reload speed to keep shooters in the action.
  • Performance Duty Texture: Offering a secure and comfortable grip, regardless of the elements or challenging conditions.
  • Optics Ready: Seamlessly integrate a preferred optic for enhanced accuracy and target acquisition adapts to your needs easily.
  • Polymer Frame: For those who prefer an everyday carry handgun style and aesthetic appeal.

PDP Match — Steel

Walther PDP Match Steel Frame
Walther calls the steel-framed PDP Match “the Unholy Union of high-speed race gun and a rugged Duty gun.” (Photo Credit: Walther)

Along with the versatile features of its polymer counterpart, the Steel Frame PDP Match offers the additional benefit of tamed recoil, for faster follow-up shots and increased accuracy. This, thanks to the added weight of the steel frame. Capacity is 20 rounds, and the gun ships with two 20-round and one 18-round magazine.

Featured capabilities of the Steel Frame PDP Match:

  • Dynamic Performance Trigger: Experience a trigger pull like never before, smooth and consistent, enhancing your accuracy and shot placement.
  • Performance Duty Texture: The grip is engineered to provide a secure, non-slip hold in any condition, allowing you to maintain control, even in the most demanding situations.
  • Optics Mounting: The optics-ready design ensures you can customize your sighting system, optimizing your aim and target acquisition.
  • Enhanced Magwell and Larger Magazine Capacity: The magwell and basepads streamline magazine changes, ensuring swift, reliable, and precise reloading. Two (2) 20-round capacity and one (1) 18-round capacity magazines included.
  • Wrap-Around Grips: The ergonomic wrap-around grips provide a comfortable and secure hold, enhancing your ability to stay on target, shot after shot.
  • Steel Frame: The weight of the frame significantly tames recoil and delivers a level of smoothness in every shot, competitively or not.

MSRP for the Polymer PDP Match is $1,099, and $1,899 for the Steel Frame.

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