Springfield Prodigy Holster Options

Springfield Prodigy holster

If you’re one of those who’ve chosen to become Prodigious, you’re going to need a rig. Safariland knows some people who can help you with that! Safariland has more than a dozen Springfield Prodigy holster options for both the 4.25″ and 5″ for concealed carry, competition, and duty use. 

We’ll get you started with the Safariland 6304RDS first.

Springfield Prodigy Holster attached with QLS

Springfield Prodigy OWB Holster

Some of Safariland’s most popular rigs, the 6304RDS series can be had in several colors and camos. The one you see above and below here is Wolf Grey. Other options, many of them limited editions, are linked below. 

Wolf Grey Prodigy holster Safariland 6304

BLUF: 6304RDS PATTERNS for your prodigy holster

6304RDS holsters for Springfield's 2011 DS
6304RDS holsters for the Springfield Armory Prodigy DS 2011.

Left to Right: Multicam Black, Woodland Camo, MultiCam Arid, MultiCam Tropic, Tiger Stripe

Above: Wolf Grey


6304RDS Holster Retention Rundown

These holsters use the Safariland Automatic Locking System (ALS) and Self-Locking System (SLS) for retention and security. As the weapon is pushed into the holster, the ALS locks it immediately into place. The SLS is the hood and retention system that rotates over the slide’s rear for additional security.

SLS must be disengaged before the user can release the ALS and begin the drawstroke. When the ALS is released, which is done by the use of a thumb lever, the weapon may be drawn with a straight upwards pull.

The 6304RDS is also equipped with the Quick Locking System (QLS). This 2-piece male/female “lock” isn’t for the weapon, it’s for the holster. Using the male part (the locking fork), which is attached to the holster, you can slide your rig from one mounting platform to another as long as it has the female piece (the receiver plate) attached. Most of these holsters only come with the male part, the QLS 19.

This way you can move it from the face of a drop leg holster onto a gunbelt, or onto a wall mount in your safe, whatever. 

Any holster with the male/fork part of the QLS attached will mount to any platform equipped with the female/receiver attached. 

“Any holster with the male/fork part of QLS attached will mount to any platform that has the female/receiver part attached.”

Alternatively, you could use the same backing option (gun locker, thigh rig, etc.) but switch out guns and holsters, i.e. you could swap the pistol and holster currently on your battle belt for an entirely different model with minimal effort.

Think of it as a quick-detach option for the entire holster.

ALS/SLS + QLS 19 (QLS FORK): Yes. It has all three (3). 

Optic ready? Yes. You can use an RDS or not.

Optic required? No. The holster will function with or without an RDS.

WML capable? Yes. The 6304RDS series will accept numerous weapon light models.

WML required? Yes. The 6304RDS is designed to be used with a light. 

Safariland 6304RDS Prodigy Holsters

Here are a few of the colors and camouflage patterns available from Safariland.

All are available for more than a dozen different lights. All will accommodate pistol-mounted red dot sights like the Trijicon RMR, Holosun, and others.

Springfield Prodigy holsters from Safariland.

We also have an ALS only option model: 6390RDS as well as the newly dropped Prodigy 5″ holsters as well

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