Quick Locking System (QLS)

The QLS is a two-part fork and plate system which gives users the ability to easily and quickly move, exchange or secure their firearm without having to remove it from their holster.


The QLS system offers efficiency and convenience to a variety of users. Duty officers who need to change holsters for training or a different duty assignment can make a speedy switch—or move the holster to a different belt altogether (note: the QLS passes the Level I Retention™ pull test). For everyday carry, the QLS system helps users save time when transferring the holster and gun from the body to another mounting point, such as a vehicle, locker or piece of furniture. Competition users – especially for 2-gun and 3-gun events – use the QLS and ELS to quickly change their rig set up between classes (learn more about competition rigs). And tactical operators can easily transfer a holster from a thigh rig to a vest with the addition of the MLS (MOLLE locking system).


Step 1 – Installing the Locking Fork

First remove the existing mount on the holster (with the Allen wrench included in the QLS kit), by turning the screws counter-clockwise. Once the mount is removed, install the QLS 19 Locking Fork by placing the fork directly over the T bolt pattern of the previous mount. Align the two holes at the top of the T of the QLS fork with the holster holes, and the bottom hole will fall right in line. Secure the mount with the button screws provided with the QLS kit, by turning the Allen wrench clockwise. The QLS 19 Locking Fork can be bolted onto any Safariland 3-hole pattern holster mounting point or thigh rig setup.

Step 2 – Installing the REceiver Plate

The QLS 22 can be screwed onto mounting platforms such as a tactical leg shroud, belt loop, wall or any other stable location. The QLS 22 comes with both large and small T-nuts. The large T-nuts are used to attach the QLS 22 Receiver Plate to leg shrouds, UBLs, paddles and other mounts that share the T-positions. The small T-nuts are used in the center line of the QLS 22, and attach to MLS (MOLLE Locking System) components.

Step 3 – Locking the Fork into the Receiver Plate

Finally, the QLS 19 Locking Fork can be inserted into the QLS 22 Receiver Plate, and it will lock into place with a click. To remove, simply squeeze the fork to slide it out from the plate.

ordering the QLS

The QLS system is comprised of two parts, the QLS 19 Locking Fork and either the QLS 22 or QLS 22L Receiver Plate. The QLS 19 Locking Fork can be bolted onto any Safariland 3-hole pattern holster mounting point or thigh rig setup. The QLS 22 is the standard receiver plate for most users whereas the QLS 22L has an additional locking feature and is typically used by corrections officers only.

The QLS is available to order in a number of options:
Quick Locking System: Includes both the QLS 19 Locking Fork and QLS 22 Receiver Plate
QLS 19: Locking Fork only
QLS 22: Receiver Plate only
QLS 22L: Receiver Plate only. Please contact customer service to inquire about this product.

Holsters can be ordered with a full QLS assembly pre-installed by including the designation -MS30 to the holster part number. For example: 7360-832-411-MS30 would deliver the holster 7360 with a QLS 19 Locking Fork installed on the holster body and a QLS 22 Receiver Plate installed on the mid-ride UBL for a complete package.

Holsters can also be ordered with just the QLS 19 locking fork preinstalled on the holster by including the designation -MS19 to the holster code. For example: 6354DO-832-701-MS19 would reference the popular 6354DO holster with a QLS 19 Locking Fork attached and no mount.

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