MOLLE Locking System (MLS)

The MLS is primarily used for military applications, when an operator needs to attach a holster or accessory to any MOLLE-equipped apparel, such as an armored vest.

about the MOLLE Locking System (MLS)

The MLS is a locking fork that can be installed on any Safariland 3-hole holster or 2-hole accessory. The fork can then be threaded through MOLLE loops allowing an Operator to rearrange gear easily without the use of tools. The MLS can also be paired with the QLS or ELS to allow for quick transfer of a holster or equipment between attachment points, such as from a thigh rig to a vest. This MLS is injection molded piece and adjustable to a variety of angles for convenient carry.  


STEP 1 – Installing the mls locking fork

To use the MLS paired with the QLS or ELS, attach the QLS or ELS Receiver Plate to the MLS using the hardware provided. To use the MLS as a standalone system, attach the MLS Locking Fork to the holster or accessory with the hardware provided.

STEP 2 – ATTACHing the MLS locking fork TO THE MOLLE LOOPS

Thread the MLS fork through the MOLLE loops at the attachment point. If the MLS Locking Fork is attached directly to a holster or accessory, then the item is secured is secured. If the QLS or ELS system is being used, visit our QLS Education Page or ELS Education Page for detailed instructions on setting up those systems.

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