Langdon Tactical's Custom Beretta Tomcat

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The firearms industry loves a good April Fool’s joke, and 2022 was a great year for it. Dozens of manufacturers put out their own jokes, and I remember basking in the pure genius of it all. Langdon Tactical was right in there with their announcement of the LTT Chocolate Chip RDO Bobcat. It received an enormously positive response with plenty of customers saying they’d order one.

Here’s the original post:

Langdon Tactical Chocolate Chip RDO Bobcat April Fool's joke 2022
The fictional Chocolate Chip RDO Bobcat was Dubbed “The Noisy Cricket” by one commentor. another person said, “Y’all think you’re funny, but now you’ve got our hopes up and you’re never gonna hear the end of it. Ever.” (Photo: Langdon Tactical)

Well, now the company has followed through with the idea. They’ve just released their custom version of the legendary Beretta 3032 Tomcat. It’s a blowback-operated micro-compact pocket pistol chambered in .32 ACP. Its mag capacity is 7 rounds, but dropping a cartridge into the chamber of the tilting barrel brings it up to 8 rounds. Here’s what that looks like.

The first round can be loaded into the chamber without racking the slide. this design is helpful to those with reduced hand strength, and it looks cool, too. (Photo Credit: GunMag Warehouse)

Langdon Tactical Beretta Tomcat RDO Features

The new Langdon Tactical Tomcat RDO begins as a suppressor-ready Beretta 3032 Tomcat, chambered in .32 ACP. Langdon adds their optic cut with a modified RMSc Footprint to accept several popular red dots. They also Carry Bevel the back of the slide to mitigate sharp edges and reduce slide bite. LTT also adds the basic Langdon Tactical Trigger Job for improved smoothness and consistency of the trigger pull.

the LTT Beretta Tomcat is cut for a modified RMSc pattern, which allows for the the mounting of the Shield RMSc, Sig Romeo, and Holosun 407k, 507k, and EPS Carry optics. (Photo Credit: Langdon Tactical)

Tomcat Custom Package

The Tomcat Custom Package includes:

  • Trigger Job
  • Slide Bevel
  • RDO Cut
  • Slide Cerakote in Matching Hue (Tomcat FDE, Black, or OD Green)

With the option to add:

  • Holosun 407k (installed)
  • Sig Romeo (installed)
  • Slide Cerakote in Alternate Hue: Tomcat FDE, Elite Black, OD Green, or Sniper Gray

LTT Tomcats with the full custom package will retail at $649 without an optic, while Custom Gun Work begins at just $140.00.

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