WRMFZY OZ9: New From Zev Technologies

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Zev Technologies has launched its newest handgun, the WRMFZY OZ9 in collaboration with WRMFZY.

Zev Technologies WRMFZY OZ9
Zev Precision meets WRMFZY Style in the WRMFZY OZ9. (Photo: Zev Technologies)

According to Zev Technologies, each WRMFZY OZ9 is made from a Zev OZ9 V2 aluminum grip module machined from a single piece of 7075-T6 aluminum. The front and back straps have aggressive knurling for a secure grip, and the side panels have a honeycomb texture. Also, if you look closely, the grip has an angled forward thumb rest to serve as an anchor for the thumb in a thumbs-forward grip, helping to mitigate muzzle flip and provide a fast follow-up sight picture.

Zev says this OZ9 V2 grip model’s geometry is ergonomically optimized, and it comes with a factory-installed Tungsten weight kit. It is compatible with Compact and V2 OZ9 frames, all OZ9 magwells, and OZ9 holsters. The weight of the pistol without a magazine or optic is 30.4 oz. As for mags, the WRMFZY OZ9 ships with two 17-round magazines, one with a black ZEV +5 polymer basepad, and one with the same basepad in FDE.

The Zev x WRMFZY OZ9 collaboration 2023 drops on November 17.

WRMFZY Components

In this collaboration, WRMFZY contributes several custom features to the gun, including:

  • Custom OZ9 V2 Hyper Comp slide
  • Custom FDE-coated Hyper Comp barrel
  • A custom FDE-coated trigger safety
  • Custom “OZDOOM” V2 OZ9 frame
The gun also comes with a custom ZEV x WRMFZY hard case with laser-cut foam. Note the two magazines, each with a different color basepad. (Photo: Zev Technologies)

Be advised: One pistol per order, per person.

According to Zev, the WRMFZY OZ9 is made entirely in-house. Check out the launch video.

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